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Waffle House Employee’s Act of Kindness For Elderly Man Goes Viral

Evoni Williams’ kind act landed her a college scholarship.

1988 Sous-Chef Gordon Ramsay – Working His Way to the Top

1988 Sous-Chef Gordon Ramsay – Working His Way to the Top

Burger flipping robot now “Working” In Restaurant

Burger-flipping robot begins first shift Flippy, a burger-flipping robot, has begun work at a restaurant in Pasadena, Los Angeles. It is the first of dozens of locations for the system, which is destined to replace human fast-food workers. Leave us your thoughts on facebook!  

Gordon Ramsay FORCED to eat bull PENIS!

Gordon Ramsay FORCED to eat bull PENIS on The Late, Late Show with James Corden

Boiling Point – Gordon Ramsay documentary (1999) [FULL VERSION]

Chef Ramsay is closely followed during eight of the most intense months of his life as he opens his first (and now flagship) restaurant in Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea, which would ultimately earn him the highly prestigious (and rare) three Michelin Stars. It also covers his participation in the dinner made at the Palace of Versailles to celebrate the closing of the 1998 World Cup and features y...


**THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE:A COOK’S UNWRITTEN, BUT FULLY UNDERSTOOD KITCHEN LAWS: This is Another great post from Harvest America Cues check out their blog at the bottom of the Page! PUT YOUR CELL PHONE AWAY Of course I understand that we are all glued to our smart phones, but the kitchen demands your full attention and to be perfectly honest – being separated from your phone for 10 or more hours a da...

Young Marco Pierre White cooks for Raymond Blanc – 1988

“Marco” the series was filmed at Harvey’s restaurant in 1988!  

Can You Pass The Google Interview Questions? QUIZ

Only 2% Of The Most Intelligent People In The World Can Answer The Google Interview Questions

QUIZ: Do You Know Your Culinary Terms?

Will you fit in the kitchen of a top French restaurant? Test your knowledge of haute cuisine vocabulary with this fun quiz. Share with a friend to challenge  

Can You Guess Which Country These Foods Comes From? QUIZ

How well do you know these delicious foods from around the world?  

Do You Know Your Cuts of Beef? 8/10 Chefs Fail This Simple Quiz

How well do you know your cuts of beef? Put your meat knowledge to the test! Tag your friends on Facebook to challenge! Created by Ranch House Designs

This Unique Visual Test Reveals Where You Fall On The Psychopath Scale

Always wanted to know just how twisted your brain REALLY is? Take this unique test and find out if you are a true psychopath or not! Share with a friend and see how comes out the best!