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QUIZ: Do You Know Your Culinary Terms?

Will you fit in the kitchen of a top French restaurant? Test your knowledge of haute cuisine vocabulary with this fun quiz. Share with a friend to challenge  

Do You Know Your Cuts of Beef? 8/10 Chefs Fail This Simple Quiz

How well do you know your cuts of beef? Put your meat knowledge to the test! Tag your friends on Facebook to challenge! Created by Ranch House Designs

An evening In A Michelin Starred Kitchen – Timelapse

How does an evening in a Michelin starred restaurant looks like? Flemish top chef Tim Boury of Boury Restaurant takes us behind the scenes in his kitchen. #flandersforfoodies

Gordon Ramsay’s Boiling Point – Best of Boiling Point

Best bits of Gordon Ramsay’s Boiling Point, This video footage is 15 years old so I do apologise for the quality. Get an honest insight to Ramsay in his younger years, how he really runs his kitchen and of course some classic one liners! The highlights are 30 minutes long so please s...

Vintage Ramsay Getting Angry at Server – Wipe That Plate!

Well To be honest he’s just getting mad at everything! From Boiling Point In 1998

Gordon Ramsay Chews Out Sous-Chef (Mark Sargeant) – Vintage Footage

Ramsay has a word with Mark ‘Sarge’ Sargeant on Royal Hospital Road’s opening night

Gordon Ramsay BRUTALLY Demotes Two CDPs To Commis – Vintage Footage

Ramsay demotes two line cooks (chef de partie) to trainees (commis)


I find Marco Pierre White is an interesting character. In this video from 1998, as a 37 year old he seems very calm, mellow, and not so easily rattled, a stark contrast to his former apprentice Gordon Ramsay. Of course this was one year before he was about to retire from cooking in 1999, a...

Only A True Foodie Can Get More Than 12 On This Quiz

Will you be one of the few who make it to the end with your chef kudos intact?

Only a Professional Chef Can Name These Tricky Ingredients – Quiz

Simply answer these 9 questions and share to challenge your friends to beat your score!


  Every profession has its respective “method of operation”; those understandings that every serious employee commits to if he or she plans on a future in that line of work. These “methods” can be viewed as unwritten laws that one quickly learns and burns into his or her subconscious....

Take Our Toughest Ingredients Quiz Yet!

Can you identify these tricky 10 ingredients? Only 20% of Chefs will pass!  

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