Chef Ramsay’s Six Top Kitchen Tricks – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s top kitchen tricks – let us know in the comments if you have any others.  

How to make bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce is used in many dishes, you can make cheese sauce, gravy, an soups with using a basic bechamel sauce.

How to Make Tomato Sauce

No store-bought tomato sauce can hold a candle to homemade sauce seasoned to your taste. Step 1: Cut garlic and tomatoes Slice the garlic cloves and cut the tomatoes, making sure not to discard the seeds or the inner pulp. Tip If you can’t find fresh tomatoes, you can use canned toma...

World’s FASTEST Knife Skills and Street Food Chefs Compilation

Check some of the best cooking skills and street food.

Gephart Butter Sauce | The Chef’s Academy

A great sauce for your next fish dish! Learn how to make this tasty Gephart Butter Sauce from one of the chefs at The Chef's Academy at Harrison College. Start your culinary journey with us today at www.thechefsacademy.com

The Chef’s Academy: How to break down a chicken pt. 2

The second part of our breaking down a chicken package. Chef Matthew Mejia in a CA1030 Meat and Poultry fabrication class.

The Chef’s Academy: Campus Executive Chef Tony Hanslits breaking down a salmon

http://www.thechefsacademy.com Part 1 of 2 with Chef Tony Hanslits breaking down a salmon in a culinary kitchen class. Chef Tony's technique allows for salmon steaks, chops, and filets from the salmon, something that more traditional techniques do not allow for.

Ice Carving by Chef Jeff Bane at The Chef’s Academy

Chef Jeff Bane creating a reindeer ice sculpture for students interested in joining The Chef's Academy student ice carving club.

The Chef’s Academy: Knife skills – chiffonade

http://thechefsacademy.com The Chef's Academy is a culinary school with locations in Indiana and North Carolina. In this video Chef T. takes you through the chiffonade cut. From Wikipedia: The Chiffonade (French pronunciation: ​[ʃi.fɔ.nad]) is a cooking technique in which herbs or lea...

The Chef’s Academy: Techniques for cutting mushrooms

http://thechefsacademy.com Chef T takes you through the different techniques for cutting mushrooms in this video brought to you by The Chef's Academy.

The Chef’s Academy: How to make your own mayonnaise

http://TheChefsAcademy.com Chef T. takes you through making your own mayonnaise. A rather easy process, yet very important to follow proper technique so that the mayonnaise does not "break". In this video, Chef Instructor, Lucas Trinosky will help you make your own mayonnaise, a ...

The Chef’s Academy: How to tie a neckerchief

http://thechefsacademy.com Chef Instructor Lucas Trinosky takes you through how to properly tie your neckerchief. The neckerchief is tied the same as a classic "single-windsor" knot that you'd use for a common tie.

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