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The Basics

Cuisinart Culinary School – Episode 1

Cuisinart Culinary School – Episode 1

Build a solid French Culinary Foundation and you'll always cook with Confidence! Join us as Celebrity Chef Jonathan Collins teaches us French Cuisine and techniques.

In episode 1 Chef Collins will teach you how to master the culinary basics, demonstrating basic knife skills, stocks, sauces and soups.

On the menu:
Knife Cuts – Brunoise, Mirepoix, Paysanne, Julienne, Chiffonade
Bouquet Garni
Roasted Vegetable Stock
Chicken or White Stock
Beef, Veal, or Brown Stock,
White and Brown Roux
Bechamel Sauce
Mornay Sauce
Pays anne Soup
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

You'll learn the critical knife cuts and understand their importance. See how to thicken and flavour sauces and soups with amazing results. Learn to build a wide variety of mother sauces for just a few simple ingredients. Make soup, both stock and cream effortlessly, with beautiful flavour and texture.

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