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World’s FASTEST Knife Skills and Street Food Chefs Compilation

Check some of the best cooking skills and street food.

Go Through the Entire 19-Course Tasting Menu of a Michelin-Starred Barcelona Restaurant

If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, pay a visit to a Disfrutar, a Michelin-star restaurant opened by a three chefs who consider themselves close enough to be brothers. Together, their goal is to bring laid-back, creative Mediterranean food to local diners and travelers alike. Still h...

The Chef’s Academy: How to break down a chicken pt. 2

The second part of our breaking down a chicken package. Chef Matthew Mejia in a CA1030 Meat and Poultry fabrication class.

The Chef’s Academy: Campus Executive Chef Tony Hanslits breaking down a salmon Part 1 of 2 with Chef Tony Hanslits breaking down a salmon in a culinary kitchen class. Chef Tony's technique allows for salmon steaks, chops, and filets from the salmon, something that more traditional techniques do not allow for.

The Chef’s Academy: Techniques for cutting mushrooms Chef T takes you through the different techniques for cutting mushrooms in this video brought to you by The Chef's Academy.

The Chef’s Academy: How to make your own mayonnaise Chef T. takes you through making your own mayonnaise. A rather easy process, yet very important to follow proper technique so that the mayonnaise does not "break". In this video, Chef Instructor, Lucas Trinosky will help you make your own mayonnaise, a ...

The Chef’s Academy: How to tie a neckerchief Chef Instructor Lucas Trinosky takes you through how to properly tie your neckerchief. The neckerchief is tied the same as a classic "single-windsor" knot that you'd use for a common tie.

The Chef’s Academy: How to make vinaigrette In this demonstration video, Chef Instructor, Lucas Trinosky takes you through the process of making emulsified vinaigrette. Chef T's recipe calls for fresh herbs, to pack a more flavorful punch to the vinaigrette you prepare on your own.

The Chef’s Academy: How to break down a chicken

Chef Instructor Matthew Mejia breaking down a chicken. This demo comes from a CA1030 meat and poultry fabrication class.

Understanding The Five French Mother Sauces – A Brief Overview

Mother Sauce Resource Page: If you're serious about taking your cooking to the next level, mastering the art of sauce making is a must. In fact, one of the biggest divides between the...

How to Cover a Cake in Sprinkles

There's more than one way to sprinkle a cake: check out Chef Jenny McCoy's alternate method for completely covering her July Fourth-fetti cake in flecks of red, white and blue! To get the full cake recipe and Chef Jenny's tips for baking it, click here:

Jamie Oliver makes The Perfect Omelette

British chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver shows you how to make the perfect omlette in just minutes!

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