10 Foods That Were Invented for Another Purpose

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Have you ever thought about how lucky we all are? We live in a blessed time where the shelves in supermarkets are full of food and everyone, literally everyone can easily find a treat for their taste. Few people know, however, that many famous and popular products hide a lot of secrets. And no, we are not necessarily talking about their ingredients; we mean why and for whom they were originally created. For example, people still talk about the creation of Franco-American's canned SpaghettiOs, a popular product in the 80's. Who decided to can a portion of cooked pasta? And what about Coca-Cola's alcohol issues, healing meat steaks or flakes that make everyone kinder?

00:00 – Hello everyone!
00:46 – 7 Up
02:15 – Graham crackers
03:22 – Coca-Cola
04:51 – Cornflakes
06:25 – Dr Pepper
07:13 – Salisbury steak
08:18 – Goo Goo Clusters
09:13 – Chewing gum
10:06 – Brandy
11:09 – Cheese puffs

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