Apr 22, 2018
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10 TIMES GORDON RAMSAY Got Angry on HOTEL HELL USA is very entertaining. When Gordon Ramsay was just a “wee lad” – as the Scottish would say – he studied hotel management. That expertise, alongside his chef skills, surely came into play during Hotel Hell. In the show, Gordon’s role is to assess and help many failing businesses in the United States, trying to give them a new life and reverse their misfortunes. But, you know Gordon. Much like his cooking shows, he’s likely to get angry with incompetent people – and that’s always entertaining to watch! That’s why we gathered 10 times that Gordon Ramsay got angry on Hotel Hell.

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0:34 Juniper Hill Inn
1:56 Beachfront Inn & Inlet
3:10 Calumet Inn
4:22 Anglers Lodge
5:33 Vienna Inn
6:55 Curtis House Inn
8:13 Monticello Hotel
9:26 Roosevelt Inn
10:35 Brick Hotel
11:52 Lakeview Hotel


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