15 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD!

We all know Gordon Ramsay is famous for screaming insults and spitting out food, but there are times where Gordon Ramsay is actually nice and is impressed by the food! We put together a list of 15 times when Gordon Ramsay actually liked the food! Like we’ve seen in our two previous videos, it does happen. It’s just pretty rare. That’s why we continued to search high and low so we could show more of those happier times in Gordon’s life.

Most chefs are incapable of satisfying Gordon Ramsay’s sophisticated needs, but every now and then a chef manages to blow Ramsay away. It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve found the rare instances where Gordon Ramsay actually enjoyed the food. Just like we’ve seen in our past videos, Gordon Ramsay has had a few moments where he actually liked the food that other people have prepared for him. We’ve done some additional research and found 15 more Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD from other people on shows such as MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, and The F Word.

As you have seen in our other videos. Gordon Ramsay liking food is not a hoax. This actually happened. So, hold onto your forks & knives, because you are about to be blown away for the 3rd time!

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0:23 Perfect Sausage Rolls
1:27 The Miraculous Vegan Burger
2:11 Impressing Gordon on Live TV
3:04 Just Some Good Fries
3:43 A cheap dessert
4:31 Bananas Foster from a Flamboyant Chef
5:30 A Kid Chef With A Phenomenal Dish
6:14 An Impressive Salmon
7:09 An “OMFG” dessert
7:59 Beef Wellington
8:49 Beef Wellington, Second Round
9:40 A Show-Stopping Filet Mignon
10:21 Alexander’s Dessert
11:05 Tasty Sardines
11:56 The Perfectly Replicated Sashimi


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