2 Stars Michelin Fine Dining Modern French at Michelin house (Classic Menu) Claude Bosi at Bibendum
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Michelin 2 Star Restaurant Fine Dining at Michelin house (Classic Menu) Celebrated French Claude Bosi launched Bibendum back in 2017, is a Luxury and elegant Modern French restaurant with Michelin icon stained-glass window allow light to flood in, a fact enchanting good view at lunch.

Bibendum sits in the historic Iconic Michelin House London HQ1911.

Claude Bosi is passion man show a proud of new and modern creative, unique, luxurious, exquisite and well balance food. We went to classic menu and was not disappointed. Claude Bosi and his team welcome us into their open kitchen, excellent service.

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Classic Menu

00:00 The beginning taste of our favorite creations-past and present
Bibendum egg
00:55 Duck jelly White onion, smoked sturgeon, Petrossian Daurenki Tsar Imperial® caviar (Must see)
02:05 Cornish turbot à la Grenobloise
03:20 Stained Glass window light to floor (must see)
03:31 Brittany rabbit Scottish langoustine, French tarragon
04:50 Pre dessert Melon Green Chartreuse
05:08 100% chocolate soufflé Madagascan vanilla ice cream
05:30 Petit fours

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