$275 (£205) 2 Stars Michelin 18 Course -26 Dishes Fine Dining in London ‘A.Wong Taste of China’ menu
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2 Michelin Star Restaurant 18 Course contains 26 Dishes Fine Dining in London ‘A.Wong Taste of China' menu $275 (£205) – Modern tasting menu

A Wong (Andrew Wong) ‘TASTE OF CHINA’ MENU inspiration comes from his travels through the provinces of China and he presents his own unique interpretations of dishes form all its regions. Which takes you on a 3+ hours culinary voyage around the China country.

A Wong is a excelling cooking, worth a detour. Very amazing experience the waiters are very well explaining and attentive. Food have fantastic decoration, smell good and textures in each course. My favorite is Memories of Peking Duck and Gong Bao chicken.


00:00 Famous Shoot and A Wong beginning
00:16 小吃 Zhou dynasty cured scallop, stuffed crab claw, wasabi
Barbecued pork jerky / Char sui / Grated foie gras / smacked watermelon
02:40 點心 Dim sum duo
03:02 成都豆腐花 Chengdu street tofu, soy chilli, peanuts, preserved vegetables
03:38 上海小籠包 Shanghai steamed dumplings, ginger infused vinegar
04:02 北京鸭 ‘Memories of Peking Duck’ (*** must watch ***)
04:57 红烧臭鳜鱼 Anhui province red braised fermented wild sea bass
05:53 和牛燒栗米 Barbecued forbidden city sweetcorn, wagyu beef meat paste and truffle
06:42 白灵菇扒鲍片 Braised abalone, shitake mushroom, sea cucumber and abalone butter
‘why we don’t need to eat Shark’s fin soup’
07:50肉夹馍 Shaanxi pulled lamb ‘burger’ with Xinjiang pomegranate salad
09:20 薄荷牛肉卷 Yunnan seared beef with mint, chilli and lemongrass served with a pulled noodle cracker
10:30 魚子醬豉油雞菜捲 ‘Soy chicken’ with ginger oil and Oscietra caviar wrap
11:19 宫保雞丁 Gong Bao chicken, roasted peanuts and ‘hot pot’ essence ( *** Must watch ***)
11:56 Glutinous rabbit dumpling / Ma Po Tofu with roasted bone marrow
12:48 草莓椰香燕窩 Coconut water ice, bird’s nest, fermented coconut, dried mulberries, yoghurt and mochi
13:45 蛋白霜血橙雪芭 Poached meringue with fruit textures
14:32 Cheese / Fruit vinegar
15:10 Pistachio Iced cream
15:26 Petits fours

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