Watch to the end and you will see exclusive Jordi’s Roca hot ice-cream.

3 Michelin stars parsty chef Jordi Rocca opened The Rocambolesc because he was always dreaming to have an ice-cream shop. Now, El celler de can Rocca pastry chef made it. Try Joridi Rocca ice-cream and you will understand why Rocca opened Rocambolesc. Ell Celler de Can Rocca Girona (3 Michelin stars restaurant), where Jordi works as a party chef, doesn’t offer so much ice-cream.

Rocambolesc Jordi Rocca is a place to be. Hot ice-cream is a must try. We bet it’s a best 3 Michelin stars dessert you have ever tried! True 3 Michelin stars although The Rocambolesc Barcelona (where the video was filmed) has no stars yet. But Jordi Rocca has!

3 Michelin stars and the willingness of Jordi Roca to recover the traditional dessert cart of El Celler de Can Roca which had disappeared from the restaurant’s room just when he took care of the sweet part of the menu gave birth to Rocambolesc ice-cream shop that offers now best ice-cream in Spain.

Jordi Rocca qoutes about ice-cream and Rocambolesc:

«I am addict to the ice-creams since I was young».

«I remember that close by my parent’s restaurant there was one warehouse of ice-creams and at the end of the summer they gave me the excedent of ice-creams».

«An ice-cream for me was and is happiness».

«Since always I wanted to have an ice-cream shop, but it was after learning the techique that is behind a good artesanal ice-cream that i saw myself able to do it. Some time later and thanks to my brothers’ complicity and generosity, who believed in that dream that passionate me, it was when we opened Rocambolesc. A window to the sweet world of the celler where we transform the deserts in ice-creams. In this project i walk with Ale, my wife, who actually leads this dream that passionate us. This is a special ice-cream shop, we are not only ice-cream mans or pastry chefs, we also incorporate in the creative proccess various proffessionals, as graphic designers, scientists, a transversal team that has as an objective to evolve, learn from mistakes, grow with the experience of attention to the customer and do of this world a sweeter place».