Enjoy our top list of weirdest and strangest restaurants.

Our Top list of Weirdest Restaurants includes:
1. Devil Island Prison Restaurant – This restaurant was initially conceptualized to scare people from a life of crime
2. Underwater Restaurant – One of the world’s most beautiful and unique restaurants is the Ithaa Underwater Resort
3. Dinner In The Sky – Not exactly a restaurant, but a concept
4. Cannibalistic Restaurant – The idea of this restaurant in Tokyo came from Nyotaimori, an extremely rare practice of serving sushi from the body of a woman.
5. Izakaya Kayabuki – Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy dinner while interacting with real “monkey waiters”
6. Dining in The Dark – All the restaurant rooms are designed to be black with no lights within them
7. Disaster Cafe – this restaurant offers you an exciting experience, with its simulated earthquakes
8. Japanese Fast Food Restaurant – food chains in Japan are using very unusual marketing techniques to attract visitors.


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