How To Make French Hot Chocolate At Home


Here’s another great video from the French Cooking Academy Channel on YouTube. Check it out.


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The French hot chocolate or "chocolat chaud" can be served for breakfast or during cold winters days just in a mug in and enjoy it in the afternoon around tea time. enjoy. NEWS

Ingredients on the website:

Parisian Hot Chocolate

This video will show you how to make that recipe from scratch with easy to follow instructions.

in this video I make a bit of a "gourmet" breakfast hot chocolate which is infused with vanilla and cinnamon . both of those spices bring a delicate flavour that goes really well with chocolate.i am saying gourmet but perhaps i should say contemporary instead, because the modern way of doing this would be for many french people to use of the shelf powder chocolate mix like banania with milk added to it to get a hot chocolate done. so yes it’s not like every home is making the effort of making that recipe from scratch but it is the real hot chocolate recipe .

note: if you want a more liquid hot chocolate for easy drinking just add some more milk. in its more liquid form (with lots of milk) you can also drink that chocolate cold


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