Jan 14, 2018
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Advanced Prime Rib Cooking Techniques, How To Cook Prime Rib

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If you've never cooked a Prime Rib before watch this video first.

And No, the beef isn't salty, just for the record and for all the comments. This really keeps the roast juicy and not salty. Trust me, I've done this a lot.

Also I didn't make it very clear, cook it initially at 450 for 10 minutes, and then lower the temp to 250 and cook 20 minutes for each pound or until internal temp is 120.

Watch the internal temp, that's what matters!

Cook well,
Rob Barrett, Jr.
Cooking for Dads

Here are some alternative ideas for cooking your prime rib. Making the kosher salt crust is really amazing, you'll have to try it, and trust me, it isn't too salty.

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