Art of plating food / Plate presentation #chefjoelmhatre

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Art of plating food / Plate presentation #platepresentation #garnish
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Hi Friends,
I am Chef Joel Mhatre. Firstly Thanks a lot for visiting my Channel
I have been in the Hospitality Industry for almost 19 years now working for various Hotels, my last position was as an Executive Sous Chef for a Catering school in Sherborne U.K, having a teaching experience of more than 7 years and have helped in starting up more than 12 successful Cloud kitchens.
I am here to share my knowledge and experience on 'How to setup a successful Cloud kitchen where i shall be sharing all the details right from the Menu to the Cost to turning your kitchen into a profitable Business. By this i want to help thousands of
my friends who have the passion for Cooking and looking out to set up their own kitchen either from home or an Outlet. These videos can also be very helpful to those who are struggling for profit with their Current outlet or those who want to expand their Business in the future.

I have created a playlist on Cloud kitchen in Hindi

On weekly basis i shall also be posting one or two videos on Cooking.

Once agian thank you for visiting my channel
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