May 2, 2018
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Attractive Garnish of Radish & Carrot Rose Flowers with Onion & Cilantro Designs

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This most satisfying video is all about the design of radish and carrot rose flower with onion and cilantro. If you wish to get more updates regarding fruit and vegetable carving/design/art/garnish, please subscribe to our channel @FruityFreshyJuicy

Required vegetables:
?Red Radish

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Guarnire attraente di fiori di ravanello e carote con fiori e motivi a base di cipolla e cilantro
Decoração atrativa de flores de rabanete e cenoura com cebola e desenhos de cilantro
Привлекательный гарнир из редиса и моркови с розовыми цветами с луком и кинзой

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Fruit & Veg Carving Tutorials

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