Awesome Tofu Recipes by Masterchef【豆花、豆腐脑】

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Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on making delicious tofu recipes – Douhua, it is definitely recognized as one of people’s favorite snacks in China.

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Tofu is a versatile, soy-based bean curd that can go in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Plus, you can always add it to any vegetarian or vegan meal for a little extra protein.

Douhua, 豆花、豆腐脑, is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. It’s is delicate and pudding-like and almost melts on the tongue, also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding. It is quite neutral and can be match both with sweet tastes and savory tastes.

Sweet tofu dessert with a silky smooth wobbly texture drenched in ginger syrup.

Tofu is made from soybeans that are ground in water, heated, and coagulated with minerals like calcium or magnesium salt. The curds are then pressed into a block, which is then sold as tofu.

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Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking.

Whether you want to know how to make Chinese dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking with a wok, we’ve got you covered.


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