Basque Country Chicken Recipe ( Poulet basquaise)
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: chicken basque recipe or poulet basquaise in french is the emblematic dish coming straight from the south west of France Basques country. with its strong spanish flavours this dish is tasty and bold perfect with a glass or red or white wine.

the basque country recipe is made with a mix of ripe tomatoes pepper, onions and a good amount or cured ham. topped up with saute chicken typically jambon de bayonne ( bayonne cured ham) .


6 chicken tighs
1 onion finely sliced 100grams /0.60 cups
1 can of chopped tomatoes I used canned cherry tomatoes 400ml1.6 cups
2 small bell pepper 200grams /1.70 cup (capscicum) cut in thin stripes
2 garlic cloves
1 thick slice 200g/ 1cup of cured ham diced (I used proscuito ham)
200 ml /0.8 cups of dry white wine ( I used sauvignon blanc)

for the stock:
500ml /2 cups or pre-made of the shelf chicken stock ( in liquid form)
50 grams /0.3cup of carrot dices in cube of 1cm (mirepoix cut)
50 grams /0.3 cups of onions dices in cube of 1cm (mirepoix cut)
1 bouquet garni made with 3 twigs of thyme 5 parsley stokes and 1 bay leave.
1 table spoon of tomato paste
6 to 8 chicken wings (depending on size) chopped in small pieces.

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