Beet Sponge Toffee


Here’s another great video from the Chef Steps Channel on YouTube. Check it out!


Crisp and airy sponge toffee with the addition of beet. This beet sponge toffee taste primarily the same as regular sponge toffee but with the added complexity and earthiness of beetroot. The beet juice and powder also add a beautiful colour and make this toffee stunningly pink. This would make a great addition to any dessert or are perfectly delicious to snack on on their own.

400 g sugar
110 corn syrup or golden syrup
80 ml beet juice
1 tbsp baking soda
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1 heaping tbsp beet powder

Beet powder can be found in health food shops or very easily online. You can also make your own by dehydrating beets or beet puree and grinding it up into powder.

She uses food colour and slightly different measurements but was a great inspiration and help to me so this recipe is also worth checking out!

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Written by The Chef Circle

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