Beet Terrine Recipe

Beet Terrine Recipe
Beet Terrine Recipe

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Beet Terrine Recipe

Here is a vegetarian recipe for valentines day made using beets and and a beautiful citrusy goats cheese. This beet terrine recipe takes a little while to make and assemble but if you follow the steps correctly it only takes a few ingredients and the results are really stunning. I started off by boiling some beets until tender, peeling them, slicing them using a mandolin though you could easily use a nice sharp knife. I then whipped some goats cheese with some lemon and orange zest, and juice and a little bit of thyme to spread between each layer of beets. I’ve given basic amounts but most of this should be done to taste.

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How to make a Beet Terrine – Recipe


To assemble just alternate a layer of beets then a layer of goats cheese making sure to start and finish with a layer of beets. I used a small offset spatula to spread the goat cheese but if you don’t have one feel free to use a spoon. To get the layers nice and clear I then pressed the terrine for several hours (you can also leave it overnight) this will help give the beet terrine really nice and tight looking sections. It also make it easier to cut when it’s cold and compact.

To slice the terrine, use a nice sharp knife, square off the edges and cut to your desired thickness. For plating, you can plate it however you want! For this video, I just placed a spoon of yogurt with a little bit of spicy micro green mix (radish, kholrabi etc) and sprinkled with some fleur de sel to finish.

If you or your loved ones are vegetarian or you are simply trying to eat something a little lighter on Valentine’s day then this beet terrine recipe is perfect for you.

Please note, if you are vegan, you can easily substitute the goats cheese for a vegan cheese into your beet terrine recipe.

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