Best Gourmet Japanese Wagyu Beef Set Menu in Paris? Koji Restaurant Teppanyaki Fine Dining France
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Best Gourmet Japanese Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki Set in Paris France Koji Restaurant Teppan Yaki Fine Dining

Menu Violets (humility and sincerity) menu x 2 sets

Amuse bouche

Label Scottish salmon marinated in Sudachi juice (Japanese lime)
with Japanese red plum sauce

Assortment of grilled fish of the day (Sea Bream)
Creamy Saikyo-Miso (soybean paste from Kyoto) with Yuzu juice

Wagyu (Japanese beef, sirloin €40 supplement)
Beef fillet from Normandy flambéed with cognac
Crispy seasonal vegetables
Ponzu-sauce. Garlic soy sauce. Sesame cream sauce

Fried rice

Pineapple flamed with rum
Spicy with Sansho (Japanese pepper) and ginger caramel
Homemade vanilla ice cream

Koji Restaurant Teppanyaki Yaki

Among a host of Japanese restaurants that often only have Japanese in name, the idea is to offer authentic cuisine, with fresh products, rare products, Japanese products. The idea is also transparency. The cooking is done on a hot plate in front of the customers around the counter, in Japanese we say “TEPPAN YAKI”.

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