Best Pork Meatballs You’ll Ever Eat

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This is probably the best pork meatballs you’ll ever have.

This seemingly simple meatball is one of the most famous dishes in Jiangnan cuisine which dates back thousands of years. Its Chinese name can be translated as “lion’s head meatballs simmered in clear broth.”

It is said that the meatballs got its name because it resembled lion’s flowing manes with the metaballs and surrounding cabbages in the soup.

The key of this recipe is to cut the pork belly by hand. Never use pork minced by the machine. More specifically, one has to sliver the pork, shred it, dice it then give it a chop. This is to retain the fiber of the meat to the largest extent so it can hold as much moisture as possible. The meat has to be slapped several times until it’s springy enough to hold together.

The lion’s head meatballs can be served with one other ingredient depending on the region and the season. It can be bambooshoot, mussel, Chinese cabbage or crab roe.

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Ingredient List:

Ginger 15g
Spring onion 15g
Pork belly 400g
White pepper
Sugar 3g
Cooking wine 1 tsp
Chicken broth
Chinese cabbage
Bok choy

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