Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich | Plant-Based Livestream Cooking Class Sponsored by Field Roast

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0:00 Introduction
0:41 Starting Apricot Jam
1:23 State of The Industry
2:26 Preparing Apricots
3:38 Starting The Jam Process
4:53 Mise En Place (Biscuit Process)
6:29 Cold Butter Is KEY
7:03 Combining Biscuit Dough
8:04 Using Ripe Fruit For Jam?
8:41 Sometimes Your Hands Are Your Best Tools
10:02 Importance of Using Cold Butter
10:33 Working The Dough
12:47 How's Virtue Restaurant?
14:55 Start Cooking Field Roast Sausage Patties
16:14 Final Prep and Dough Cutting
18:17 Sausage Flip Time!
18:55 Biscuits Go Into Oven
19:44 "The Important Thing Is, It's Delicious"
20:26 The Sausage Sears Great!
21:15 Cleanliness Is Key
21:38 Cook Time?
22:28 How Long Does Jam Keep For?
23:19 Techniques To Cooking Jam
24:46 What Kind Of Food Do You Make At Virtue?
26:07 Mission Behind Virtue Restaurant
28:05 "We Serve Some of The Best Biscuits West of The Mississippi"
29:09 Where Does Your Passion For Cooking Come From?
31:53 Apricot Jam and Biscuit Check-In
33:08 Field Roast = Mind-Blowing
35:13 Cooking and Training
38:04 Virtue Specialties
39:25 The Jam Is Looking Good
40:32 "Sweet and Sour Is The Name of The Game"
41:21 "It's Taboo To Cut Hot Bread"
41:53 Cooking Southern Food
42:59 Favorite Southern Dish
44:18 Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich Assembly
45:00 The Perfect Biscuit To Sausage Ratio Is…
45:46 Take A Bite!
46:43 This Dish Is MONEY!

We’re closing out our visit to Chicago with breakfast! Join this class featuring Chef Erick Williams, owner and executive chef at Virtue Restaurant & Bar, and learn to make a breakfast biscuit sandwich with Field Roast​​ Breakfast Sausage Patties and Creamy Original Chao Slices, perfect for slow summer mornings — or afternoons. To locate Field Roast products at a store near you, go to:

You can find the full recipe at

Join our fight to save local, independent restaurants affected by COVID-19:
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This free class is the next in a series of ChefsFeed Experiences featuring recipes made with Field Roast’s flavor-forward, plant-based meats and cheeses. In addition to making these ChefsFeed Experiences available for free, Field Roast ( is donating a total of $250,000 to participating chefs in an effort to support their restaurants and staff during this time.

Chef Williams is renowned for his work in his local community, donating his time and talent by partnering with charities across the region. He plans to use Field Roast’s donation to keep his restaurants safe for his team and their guests. “The purchasing of sanitizer, gloves, and masks for both our team and patrons has been a necessary investment though an unanticipated one,” he says. “We are grateful for the commitment that Field Roast has made to help in these challenging times.”

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Written by The Chef's Circle

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