British Fish and Chips – The Queen’s Way or The Traditional Way ? – Part 2

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It's Britain's most famous dish. Fish and Chips! I'm sharing my recipe that I cooked for the palace staff (part 1) and then here (part II) The Queen's fish and chips recipe, a little more fancy! Fish and Chips was on the menu every Friday lunch at the palace and we cook for several hundred staff. Even the chefs looked forward to Fish and Chips Friday.

You can enjoy fish and chips with tartar sauce (though in classical French cuisine that would only be served with breaded fish) or ketchup. My favorite is 'ladling' Salad Cream on the chips with Malt Vinegar and HP Sauce mixed with a little Malt Vinegar to make a sauce similar to the one they serve on the fish in Scotland. Here's a link to them if you can't find them at your local grocery store. They aren't expensive and really add to the dish!…

HP Sauce link…

Salad Cream link…

Malt Vinegar link…

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