Bubble Sugar Tuile Garnish: How To Make It


Here’s another great video from the Chef Steps Channel on YouTube. Check it out!


I’m making a single ingredient bubble sugar tuile garnish in today’s video. You can leave the tuiles clear, cook them a bit more so they are caramelized or add colour. I like to use them to add height to desserts because they look super pretty.

You seriously will not believe how easy this garnish is to make, it’s one ingredient, glucose. Simply spread the glucose in a thin layer onto a silpat and bake at 300 F for about 30 min to an hour. This is a big difference but really depends on your oven and how quickly it cooks. Oddly the oven at the restaurant takes longer to cook these than my home oven does. So my advice is to just keep checking on the sugar and making sure it’s not burning or over cooking.

Garnishes like these are really good to have in your repertoire because they can be pretty rapidly whipped up if you’re ever in a pinch. Also they just look super cool.


Written by The Chef Circle

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