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Learn how to make real Italian Cacio e Pepe with the Michelin starred chef Riccardo Camanini. Through The Eyes of The Chef will teach you how to cook the classic Italian recipe like a pro, with tips, tricks and techniques from one of Italy’s best chefs. This is cooking up close and personal.

Ingredients for 2:

180 gr of rigatoni pasta, Riccardo recommends using Felicetti
60 gr of pecorino, aged black rind variety, grated
6 gr os salt, Riccardo uses Guérande
2 gr of sarawak pepper, freshly cracked


Cook the Rigatoni pasta in salted boiling water, turning with a spoon to prevent that the rigatoni stick together. Drain the pasta al dente, taking care to preserve the cooking water, which is rich in starch. In a steel bowl, create an emulsion of pecorino and pepper with the cooking water, added slowly.
Portion and serve in a deep dish, with more freshly grated pecorino and pepper.

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