Canard a la Presse – Pressed Duck (Canard Au Sang) 2 Stars Michelin Chef Show in Paris France
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Pressed Duck -Canard a la Presse – (Canard Au Sang) 2 Star Michelin Restaurant Maison Rostang – Chef Show in Paris French Restaurant

Pressed duck (French: Canard à la presse or Canard au sang) is a traditional French dish. The complex dish is a specialty of Rouen and its creation attributed to an innkeeper from the city of Duclair. It consists of various parts of a duck served in a sauce of its blood and bone marrow, which is extracted by way of a press. It has been considered "the height of elegance."

Traditionally, pressed duck is prepared like this: The duck is strangled so as to retain as much blood as possible. After plucking feathers, burning hairs, scoring the carcass, and seasoning with fleur de sel, you roast the duck whole and rare with its innards intact. Basically put the duck (without the breasts and legs) into custom-made duck press ( made of real silver), The increasing pressure of the crank plate compacts the duck until its bones are pulverized, the organs liquified, and the carcass blood, juices and marrow out of the duck, all of which sluice through a small spout in the duck press and are collected in a pan mixed with sauce cooking of reduced Madeira, butter, and cognac. after put the sauce of the plate and the thin slices cut of duck breast.

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