Candied Maple Bacon

Today I'm making a quick recipe for candied maple bacon. My method is a bit different than what Iv'e seen others do but this has always worked well for me. I simply mix together brown sugar and maple syrup, I used the local maple syrup that I bought recently from a farm nearby called Purple Woods here in Ontario. Then I dredge the bacon through the syrup mixture and place it onto a pan with a rack on it. I make sure to cover the base of the pan in foil before doing this as it will help cut down on cleaning time and save you a headache later on. I bake mine at 350 instead of 400 which a lot of people seem to cook their candied bacon at but I find it's much more likely to burn if you cook it at 400. I just want it to caramelize nicely and if that means having it in a bit longer and lower temperature that's fine by me. Once the bacon is finished cooking, I place it onto a piece of parchment paper as I find that the candied bacon has a habit of sticking to the rack. When the candied maple bacon is cooled it's ready to eat!

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