Canned Herring Recipes – 2 ways to eat kippers

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Here's an easy canned herring recipe if you've ever wondered what to do with canned herring or kippers. Canned smoked fish can make healthy snacks or dinner recipes with very little time and
effort. Canned herring is also an inexpensive way to get healthy fish into your diet. Herring is an easy source of omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial fats. A printable copy of this canned
herring recipe can be found at
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Make a Canned Herring Recipe on a Crostini

canned HERRING …also called KIPPERS
thinly sliced and toasted BAGUETTE
RED ONION thinly sliced
MUSTARD (very optional…but I like it…as long as it's not hot dog mustard!)
fresh DILL

A good bread is the start of a great crostini.
Slice the bread thinly, so as to not overwhelm your toppings.
Toast the bread lightly.
Smear with cream cheese.
Add a dash of mustard, this is optional, but quite nice with herring.
Add a bit on thinly sliced red onion.
Add capers and fresh dill.
Top with smoked herring …either canned in oil or water, whatever you prefer.

Make a Healthy Salad with Kippers …aka smoked herring

Place an assortment of mixed greens in a salad bowl. No need to dress the salad greens; the salad toppings will be enough.
Add sliced carrot, bell pepper, or celery for a nice crunch, and added nutrition.
Top the greens with a kippered herring filet.
Spread whipped or softened cream cheese over the kipper, add a dash of Dijon or stone ground mustard, if desired.
Top with chopped red onion, capers, and fresh dill…and serve.

Canned herring is such a quick, easy, and healthy snack or dinner option.
Try these canned kipper recipe ideas and let me know what you think…and bon appétit!

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–Chef Buck


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