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    Is now the time for major changes is the hospitality industry?

    The restaurant industry has been plagued with problems for decades – this international crisis has brought everything to a head. How many times have restaurateurs and chefs proclaimed that they couldn’t simply stop their current model and re-invent themselves? The challenges of today would always put a halt to significant movement towards long-term problem solving. […] More

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    The Forgotten Restaurateur

    There was a time when the restaurant owner/operator was the center of the hospitality universe. When a guest thought about a particular restaurant – the connection was with the person who shook their hand upon arrival, made sure that their meal was perfect, orchestrated the service experience, and always remembered something about each and every […] More

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    Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well

    What does it take to get ahead? Maybe the more appropriate question is what does it take to feel good about what you do? Self-Esteem is important, maybe one of the most important motivational tools available – tools that are always within your grasp, are personal, and truly beyond anyone else’s interference. The answer to […] More

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    The Sport Of Cooking

    Is it too far fetched to consider professional cooking – a sport? Are there enough similarities to view how a restaurant line operates and interject many of the facets of a winning sporting team’s development and performance? I think that the comparisons are obvious. []         TALENT Restaurant or team locker room – every successful performance […] More

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    And We Continued To Cook

    I just watched Bruce Springsteen on Broadway and was deeply moved by one of my generation’s great storytellers. Unless you were fortunate enough to be able to afford a ticket when he was live on Broadway, watching it on Netflix is a must. Springsteen was real, sincere, honest, reflective, and authentic. His stories of life […] More

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