Celebration Mofongo | Plant-Based Livestream Cooking Class Sponsored by Field Roast

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0:00 Introduction
1:12 Using Plantains and Prep
6:30 Using the Field Roast Celebration Roast in Mofongo
7:35 Oil Temperature and Tools
8:21 Celebration Roast Prep and Cook
9:38 Don't Be Scared To Fry Things (Frying The Plantains)
11:18 How Often Do You Sharpen Your Knives?
12:05 What is Sofrito?
13:41 Mojo, Sofrito, Sazon OH MY! (Puerto Rican Cuisine)
14:31 What Do We Have Cooking So Far?
15:16 Field Roast Donation and Independent Restaurant Coalition Donation (Restaurant Support)
17:18 Replacement For Cilantro?
18:05 Adding in The Sofrito
18:55 Checking in On The Plantains
20:07 Adding Sazon
21:18 How We Lookin?
21:42 Get Ready to MASH!
22:14 Adding Ingredients (Mojo, Olive Oil, Celebration Roast)
23:47 Back to MASHING!
25:13 Do You Have Mofongo On The Menu Regularly?
25:57 Can You Over Mash?
26:22 Final Presentation
26:47 If You Want To Be Fancy…Garnish It
27:23 Cook Puerto Rican Food, It's Good For You
28:07 Taste Test
28:26 Thanks Field Roast!

Chef Eric Rivera uses plant-based Field Roast Celebration Roast in this version of Mofongo, a traditional Puerto Rican dish packed with flavor from plantains, bell pepper, and onion, topped with a sazón made from a bold mix of toasted and dried spices. To locate Field Roast products at a store near you, go to

You can find the full recipe at

Join our fight to save local, independent restaurants affected by COVID-19:
– Donate to support the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) and ChefsFeed will match up to $25,000. (
– Email congress to join us in demanding they create an Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund for targeted industry relief. (

This free class is the next in a series of ChefsFeed Experiences featuring recipes made with Field Roast’s flavor-forward, plant-based meats and cheeses. In addition to making these ChefsFeed Experiences available for free, Field Roast ( is donating a total of $250,000 to participating chefs in an effort to support their restaurants and staff during this time.

Chef Rivera loves to experiment at his restaurant, Addo, in Seattle. He’s using the donation from Field Roast to give the team a well-earned break. Addo has been open through the COVID-19 pandemic, adapting on the fly but still moving forward. “I want to close for a day since we’ve been open for the last few months and take the staff to a park and chill out.” He’ll also keep some money in the bank — just in case.

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