Chicken Vallee D’auge Recipe . (Known as chicken Normandy)’auge%20recipe%20(%20chicken%20normandy)%20%20is%20an%20apple%20cider%20and%20cream%20chicken%20casserole%20from%20the%20Normandie%20region%20in%20France.%20
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: The chicken vallee d’auge recipe ( chicken normandy) is an apple cider and cream chicken casserole from the Normandie region in France.

this step by step video demonstrate how to make that recipe from northern France (normandy)

this recipe is usually serve in the colder month of the year and can be served with a side of white rice or pasta such as tagliatelle.

The flavor of the sauce for this dish taste like a tasty creamy chicken veloute with a light apple flavors. the crunchy apple pieces mushrooms and glazed onion bring a welcome addition to the chicken and offering different texture and level of acidity creating an interesting sweet and sour type of culinary experience .

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