Chinese New Year Dessert – Eight-Treasure Rice 八寶飯

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Enjoy this dessert recipes for Chinese New Year or Any Time of Year. Chef John shows you how it’s made – Eight-Treasure Rice, a classic and yummy dessert that is full of authentic flavors.

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Eight-Treasure Rice(八寶飯) is a traditional dessert served during Chinese New Year celebration and festival banquets.The number eight is a magic number for Chinese people. In Chinese, the number eight sounds like another Chinese word “fa 發 “. In Chinese, it means rich or to thrive in business. Also, because this dessert is really colorful and pretty, it represents luck and sweetness for the new year.

The name “Eight Treasure’ comes from the “eight” key ingredients that this delicious dessert has. The dish is common made from glutinous rice and a combination of with eight fruits that, according to Chinese medicine, are meant to provide therapeutic effect. The commonly used treasures are: dried red dates, lotus seeds, candied plums, sweetened winter melon, dried longan, red bean paste, assorted beans, assorted nuts, and etc.

Chef John show you how to make this dessert from scratch, starting with red bean paste. However, red-bean paste and candied fruits can be found in most Asian markets, or try the Asian-food aisle at a supermarket.

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