Classic Carrot Cuts – Rondelle, Demilune, Paysanne
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Chef Instructor Jon-Paul Hutchins, from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, demonstrates three different techniques when cutting a carrot, rondelle, demilune, and paysanne. The first technique is called rondelle. Simply cut a carrot into a coin shape. Depending on the thickness of the cut, the rondelle can be used as a salad topping or a side dish. The next technique is a variation of the rondelle called the demilune. Demilune means half moon, which is a rondelle cut sliced in half. The thickness will determine the use. The last cut is called a paysanne. Cut the demilune in half and remove the tough woody section in the middle using a peeler. Then cut them into little triangles. This technique is great for a salad or sautéing.

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