Classic Coleslaw Recipe

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Here's a simple, basic coleslaw recipe –which means it's delicious, because nothing tastes great like a classic coleslaw, especially if you're pairing it with catfish or fried chicken. Coleslaw can also be used as a sandwich topping, perfect for burgers or anything BBQ.
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Coleslaw Recipe Ingredients:
1 sm. CABBAGE (shredded)
3 med. CARROTS (shredded)
¼ cup ONION (minced…or chopped if using green onion)
1-2 Tbsp fancy MUSTARD
2-3 Tbsp LEMON JUICE (or vinegar)
LEMON ZEST (if using fresh lemon, why not!)
1 Tbsp CELERY SEED (The most important ingredient?..maybe)
1 tsp SALT (or to taste, man)

Coleslaw Recipe Directions:
Shred the cabbage and carrot and combine in a large bowl (sometimes, for a more rustic coleslaw, I'll chop the cabbage with a knife for chunkier pieces, like in this slaw video, but that's a different kinda dish, and not what I think of when I want a basic coleslaw to pair with traditional southern-style dishes).
Add onion to the bowl. I'm using about 3 chopped green onions, but use any kinda onion you like.
For the dressing, combine the rest of the ingredients in a smaller bowl and mix until smooth and creamy.
I like using fresh lemon juice and zest, but use vinegar if you prefer (I like a mild rice vinegar with coleslaw).
My measurements for salt and pepper are only suggestions, so definitely adjust to taste.
And don't use plain-Jane yellow mustard!–spring for a fancy dijon or grey poupon!
Combine the dressing with the cabbage, carrot, and onion and toss well.
And that's it.
Coleslaw is a must-have for fried catfish or chicken (or baked!). Gotta have it with ribs! And coleslaw makes an excellent sandwich topping; add to hamburgers, sloppy joes, or any kind of BBQ sandwich.

Give this classic coleslaw recipe a try and let me know what you think…and bon appétit!

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