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For cooking, you can use various methods or techniques, for preparing varied food dishes. For example; French fries are fried, muffins, cookies are baked and soup is boiled.
So, one needs to have a basic idea of which cooking method is right for which kind of food item.
In this video, I explained all the cooking techniques or methods used for cooking various food items or dishes.
Some major cooking methods are:
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English: Boiling water in a pan
Date 30 November 2018
Author SMART Servier Medical Art

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Description: A nice beef stew for dinner.
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Author: Robin DeGrassi from Denver, Colorado, USA
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Description: Calcutta Maidan Chicken Stew With Toast
Source Own work
Author Sumit Surai:

Description: Braised Ox Cheek in Star Anise and Soy Sauce.
Source: originally posted to Flickr as Braised Ox Cheek in Star Anise and Soy Sauce
Author: Alpha:


Description: Doregrill Neoflame Rotisserie
Author: NwongPR:

English: Sous vide stick Wifi for precise control over the water temperature of sous vide cooking.
Date 31 July 2017
Author: Anova Culinary
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