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Creamy Chicken with Morel Mushroom sauce is a specialty recipe from the Franche-comte region. in this region most dishes are quite rich (hence the use of loads of cream) but also very tasty which I personally really like. Written recipe:

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4 chicken breast or thighs (best quality you can find)
15g / 1 tbsp Unsalted butter
2 shallots finely sliced lengthways
2 pinches of Sea salt or a chicken stock cube
40g Dried morels soaked in hot water for 1 hours at least (use about 200 ml /0.8 cup of water)
100ml (0.40cup) to 150ml (0.60 cup) sherry depending on taste (
150ml (0.60cup) of Morel juice* (*that is the water in which the Morels soaked in)
up 500 ml (2cups) of Double cream (heavy whipping cream)

Cooking time:
Chicken breast 4 minutes on each side first in butter.
then when the sauce is ready, finish to cook in the cream for 15 minute on low heat.

How to use dry morels:

Put the dried morels in a Bowl and cover with a maximum of 1 cup of hot water. Add a small plate on top of the morels to make sure the morels keep underwater.
leave to soak for at least 1 hour. then take the morels out press the juice out, rinse and reserve. Keep the Morels soaking juice for cooking.

This creamy chicken with morel recipe is full of beautiful flavours. The morels mushrooms are named by many as the best mushrooms in the world, and are a perfect match for a chicken recipes with cream.

Morels will hit your taste buds with oakiness and walnut perfumes which you will not forget.

When mixed that with a deliciously and tender chicken breast, that creamy morel sauce is just divine. an absolute must to try if you like mushrooms and cream.

Note however that Morels are really expensive and can be difficult to find. The good news is that even when bough dried, once soked they not only regain all their beautiful flavours but also produce a stock that can be used for cooking ( the Morels soaking water)

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