Crispy Nuggets and Waffles | Plant-Based Livestream Cooking Class Sponsored by Field Roast

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Where Is Everyone From?
1:01 Staying Clean and Safe
1:34 Giving Back To The Community
2:20 All About Chef Lamar Moore
3:38 Ingredient Walkthrough
5:31 Different Ways To Cook Nuggets
6:03 Making The Batter
8:20 Prepping For The Nuggets
9:00 "Anytime I Can Use Butter, I Will"
9:30 Waffle Maker
10:16 Cook Nuggets Until GBD (Golden Brown and Delicious)
11:41 Crispy Nuggets + Chewy Waffles
12:58 Apple Sauce In Waffle Batter?
13:26 Nugget Cooking Time
13:49 "That's The Color I'm Looking For Right There!"
15:09 How Do You Know When Waffles Are Done
16:29 Pancake vs. Waffles
17:32 "Don't These Look Good"
18:22 Using Oil or Butter
18:36 The Best Sauces For Nuggets Are… (Franch?)
19:02 Sweet Butter Spread
20:14 Apple Sauce Substitute?
21:00 "This Can Be Served As A Snack"
21:48 Adding The Berries
24:00 Plating The Dish
26:24 Making This Dish Spicy?
26:50 Versatility of Nuggets
27:49 Using Berries and Hot Sauce?
28:14 Why Use Almond Milk?
28:36 Favorite Breakfast Meal To Cook?
29:10 Being A Chef During COVID
29:40 Freezing Cooked Waffles?
30:33 Thank You Field Roast!

And we're back with a plant-based play on traditional chicken and waffles — plant-based butter included — from chef Lamar Moore. To locate Field Roast products at a store near you, go to

You can find the full recipe at

Join our fight to save local, independent restaurants affected by COVID-19:
– Donate to support the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) and ChefsFeed will match up to $25,000. (
– Email congress to join us in demanding they create an Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund for targeted industry relief. (

This free class is the next in a series of ChefsFeed Experiences featuring recipes made with Field Roast’s flavor-forward, plant-based meats and cheeses. In addition to making these ChefsFeed Experiences available for free, Field Roast ( is donating a total of $250,000 to participating chefs in an effort to support their restaurants and staff during this time.

Chef Lamar Moore loves to work with local ingredients in his dishes. He also spends his time in the local community, working as a leader and mentor, and volunteering with Chicago public school students. He plans to spend the donation from Field Roast to help junior staff at his previous jobs get additional culinary training.

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