Crustless French Custard Pie ( flan parisien)
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This specialty from Paris is called the flan Parisien which is in fact a delicious crustless French custard pie recipe. its smooth texture and lovely vanilla flavour will have you come back for more. Get the recipe:

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100 grams3.5 oz .37 cup egg yolks
120 grams 5.21 Oz 0.61 cups caster sugar
50 grams /2.75 Oz 0.33 cups corn flour
500 ml 17.6 Oz 2.11 cups full cream milk
125 ml 4.39 oz .52 cups heavy cream
1 vanilla pod split open seeds removed

Cooking time 35 minutes at 170 Celcius in a convection oven /338 Fahrenheit or 180 celsius in a traditional non fan forced oven.

The ingredients above fit that cake tin:

Text recipe:

This easy french baked custard tart is part of those versatile baked good from France that even cooks can make, however though it is mostly found in bakeries rather then restaurant.

The base pastry cream can be flavoured with all sort of ingredients to give it your own twist.

in this video allow you to learn how to make a French custard pie from scratch. it is very easy to make at home and is also good to practice your pastry cream making skills.

A piece of Parisian history awaits you with that dessert. french baking at home as never been easier and more delicious.

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