Jan 14, 2018
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Culinary Techniques: Dusting Off the Dehydrator

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For as far back as we know, people have been drying food in the sun as a means of preservation. Today, dehydrators have never been more popular, with chefs using these tools to create crispy textures and concentrated flavors!

Home cooks, too can be part of this delicious trend. James Briscione, the Director of Culinary Development at The Institute of Culinary Education inspires Food & Wine's Dana Cowin to dust off the dehydrator and create a delicious salsa powder.

For more videos mastering Dana's kitchen mistakes, visit http://www.ice.edu/about-us/ice-food-and-wine

ICE Professional Career Programs: http://www.ice.edu/career-programs
ICE School of Recreational Cooking: http://recreational.ice.edu/

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