EPIC Braised King Mackerel

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One of the best ways to cook Mackerel fish is to dry braise it. Masterchef John Zhang shares a delicious king mackerel recipe that brings the taste of China to your table.

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Mackerel is a wonderful fish because the way you prepare it profoundly influences its taste. But in its native state, it has a bold flavor, and people say it tastes like – not like chicken, but like salmon or tuna, which we already established it belongs to the same family. As a texture, it is firm, chewy and a bit oily.

Make Sure the Fish Is Fresh – For a savory taste of the mackerels, you need to prepare them fresh. The fresher it is, the more you get from that fantastic ocean taste. Oily, dark flesh fishes lose their freshness quickly to take a strong ‘fishy’ taste.

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