Eric Payet’s Braised Cheek of Beef

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Eric Payet, Head chef of La Rive in Cobham shows us how to make Braised cheek of Charolais Beef, crushed avocado & Jerusalem artichoke. He combines French cooking techniques with Mediterranean influences and ingredients prevalent in Spanish cuisine. For this time of the year, Eric recommends a Malbec with this beautiful main course. La Rive offers a menu for every occasion – find out more at


Beef cheek:

Marinated trimmed beef cheek for 1 week in Red wine
Sweet spice
Orange peel
Button mushrooms

Remove meat from liquor, separate the vegetables. Roast all at 300c for few minutes. Bring wine to the boil, skim & pass. Put liquor, meat & veg together & cook for 8h at 85c. remove meat gently, pass & reduce stock until syrup consistency. Reserve meat with reduce sauce until needed.

Avocado cream:

300g of of avocado
80ml of cream
2 lime zest
2g of acide ascorbique
10ml of olive oil
salt & pepper

Blitz until smooth then add 20g of finely chopped shallot.


2 lime zest
40g of grated parmesan
20g of bread crumb
5g of chopped parsley
salt & pepper

Horseradish cream:

100g of dry creme fraiche
30g of freshly grated horseradish
1 squeeze of lime juice
salt & pepper

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