Jul 26, 2018
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Ever Wonder How Many Steaks You Get From A Cow?

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Here is an amazing infographic from www.honestbeef.com showing how many steaks there are in a steer(Based on a hanging weight of 719lbs) Please check this company out and see what they do for those in need!

1. Chuck
8 Flat Iron Steak (8oz)
18 Chuck Eye Steak (10oz)
6 Chuck Steaks (12oz)
6 Mock Tender (8oz)

2. Ribeye
14 Boneless Ribeye (20oz)
4 Bone-In Ribeye (16oz)

3. Loin
22 New York Strip (12oz)
1 Hanger Steak (1.5lb)

4. Sirloin
26 Top Sirloin Steak (8oz)
2 Tri-Tip Roast (2.5lb)

5. Tenderloin
12 Tenderloin Filet (8oz)
2 Bone-In Filet (10oz)

6. Round
8 Sirloin Tip Steak (8oz)
64 Whole-Muscle Jerky (5oz)

7. Shank
8 Bone-In Shank (1.5lb)
2 Marrow Bones (3lb)

8. Flank
6 Flank Steak (8oz)

9. Plate
5 Short Ribs (2lb)
10 Skirt Steak (16oz)

10. Brisket
1 Brisket Point (5lb)
1 Brisket Flat (5lb)
1 Packer Brisket (12lb)

And….. This beef also yielded about 210lbs of ground beef in addition to the above.



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