Jan 14, 2018
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Fast Knife Skills Compilation

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These people know, how to handle a knife.
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1. fast cutting chef Pavlo http://youtu.be/AuVd6NgzIv8
2. Fastest Onion Chopper http://youtu.be/ogj9TL4FdZI
3. The fastest garlic chopper in California http://youtu.be/vQ6NQcf_5iM
4. Fastest Knife in Texas http://youtu.be/NrYGLoWlRBc
5. slicing cabbage http://youtu.be/NaiwBj5BUfY
6. Fast Knife Skills: Cutting Carrot http://youtu.be/tzCZ4wMTfS8
7. Fastest Knife Skills.wmv http://youtu.be/4RJFBGE_I1A
8. knife cutting skills http://youtu.be/HGAyAVL36Bo
9. The Food Freak's Super Fast Knife Skills: Garlic Slice http://youtu.be/wl5T0tJSliQ
10. chopping mushrooms – fast cutting http://youtu.be/PD6W-YIUhxw
11. Pakistan Got Serious Talent , Must Watch http://youtu.be/CxL1T7AHazk
12. Fast cutting veggies http://youtu.be/w3lYkGHeJZc
13. Slicing mushrooms http://youtu.be/JSIRcypHV0M
14. Tomato cutting fun – a bunch in a row http://youtu.be/8YK0ykXIbto
15. Fastest onion chopper in the world http://youtu.be/7dRdOCctAa8
16. Fast knife skills http://youtu.be/ht09wMXkyJA
17. Fastest Onion Cutting http://youtu.be/juYZHG0_0jw
18. Fast cutting http://youtu.be/SYsvToZS5T4
19. Cutting onions uber fast http://youtu.be/KjPR9ouqct8
20. Fast Knife Chopping http://youtu.be/admyQI0xMaI

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