Fish stock & beurre blanc with green herb oil

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Hey guys, in this video I will show you how to make a delicious fish stock also knows as a fumet de poisson. With that we are going to make a beurre blanc with a green herb oil. Enjoy!

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Enjoy making this recipe!

Ingredients for the fish stock:
5 kg fish bones
300 grams of onions
200 grams of shallots
1 leek
200 grams of mushrooms
5 grams of coriander seeds
5 springs of thyme

Ingredients for the beurre blanc:
2 liters of fish stock
1 liter of double cream
750 milliliters of white wine
200 grams of butter
Salt & sweet vinegar

Ingredients for the green herb oil:
40 grams of tarragon
40 grams of flat leaf parsley
300 grams of neutral oil

Bon appetit!

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