French Bacon and Mushroom Casserole ( poulet cocotte grand mere),%20served%20with%20a%20garnish%20of%20bacon,%20caramelized%20onions,%20sautéed%20mushrooms%20and%20a%20side%20of%20potatoes.
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: This timeless French casserole recipe is made of seared chicken cooked in a casserole, served with a garnish of bacon, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and a side of potatoes.

This French cuisine all time classic is an entry level dish that anyone can attempt to make at home. Its uses simple but efficient culinary techniques such as deglazing wine, reduction and the addition of brown chicken stock. The bacon and mushroom goes very well together and a side of roasted potatoes is usually the best side that can be serve with that chicken casserole recipe.

If you are looking for a simple chicken casserole with bacon, mushroom and white wine you will love this french dish called Poulet cocotte grand mere ( the grandma style chicken)

Main ingredients:
– 1 chicken of 1.2 kg ( a bit more than a pound) deboned and cut into pieces.
or 6 pieces f chicken (a mix of thighs,breast,drumsticks)
– 500ml /2 cups of brown chicken stock or brown veal stock. ( veal stock is actually the best option for a fuller taste)
200ml/ half a glass of dry white wine to deglaze. ( i used sauvignon blanc)

To make the stock us the same technique as the video on basquaise chicken but without using the tomato paste.

ingredients for the stock:

500ml /2 cups or pre-made of the shelf chicken stock ( in liquid form)
50 grams /0.3cup of carrot dices in cube of 1cm (mirepoix cut)
50 grams /0.3 cups of onions dices in cube of 1cm (mirepoix cut)
1 bouquet garni made with 3 twigs of thyme 5 parsley stokes and 1 bay leave.
1 chicken carcass cut in pieces (or 6 chicken wings cut in pieces) depending on size chopped in small pieces.

For the garnish:
-150 grams of smoked bacon diced /5oz
-150 grams /2 cups of small button mushrooms ( chopped in half)
caramelized onions: made with 6 pickling or pearl onions, 1 tablespoon of butter , 1 teaspoon of sugar and enough water to barely cover the onions ( as shown in video)

Decoration :
2 tablespoon of chopped parsley

if making potatoes as a side use 1kg/ 2 pounds of potatoes

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