French Chocolate Mousse: Simple Steps to Get It Right's%20light%20and%20airy%20texture,%20when%20served%20as%20a%20dessert,%20a%20chocolate%20mousse%20is%20a%20real%20delight%20to%20eat.
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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: How To make a French chocolate mousse: The chocolate mousse recipes never gets old with it's light and airy texture, when served as a dessert, a chocolate mousse is a real delight to eat.

Note that chocolate mousse recipes have many variants and this is just one of the many ways to make it.

Ingredients you need for 4 to 6 people (depending on serving size)

– 180 grams of 70% cacao dark chocolate ( best quality possible)
– 100 ml of full fat cream 35 % minimum (also called heavy
whipping cream)
– 50 ml of full cream Milk
– 60 grams of caster sugar
– A pinch of salt
– 7 eggs whites (have to be beaten into a meringue)

Note: If you want something sweeter you can increase the amount of sugar shown in the recipe below.


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