French Style Lemon Tart Step by Step (With Lemon custard)
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The French style lemon tart is type of lemon tart that uses a filling that is different than the straightforward Lemon curd as it contains cream and butter. ( as we do in France)

In this lemon tart ( tarte au citron) tutorial we will learn how to make a classic lemon custard cream (creme au citron). this particularly smooth filling and buttery filling goes very well with meringue too.

One great thing about that recipe is that the juice can be replaced by other Fruit juice such as orange or tangerines for instance which then transform that dessert into a Orange or Tangerine tart.( Note that in this case the sugar amounts have to be modified accordingly)


To make that delicious classic French style Lemon tart you will need the following ingredients:

– 1 pre-cooked tart shell made with around 200 grams of
homemade sweet shortcrust pastry.

For the Lemon custard cream filling:

– 300 ml of fresh lemon juice ( it has freshly squeezed juice)
– 150 grams of caster sugar ( to mix with the lemon juice)
– 100 ml of water ( optional)
– 3 whole eggs
– 3 eggs yolks
– 50 grams of caster sugar ( to mix with the eggs)
– 25 grams of corn flour.
– a few drops of vanilla essence
– 200 ml of heavy whipping cream
– 70 gram of butter

Utensils I used:
Silicon Mat:
Ceramic Pie weight:
Tarte Pan:

Important note: The quality of the ingredients in this recipe is paramount. The eggs, butter, cream and Lemon juice have to be fresh of the best quality.

– The lemon juice has to be freshly squeeze or your tart will not taste as it should.

– This version of the Lemon tart is a very Lemony version ( it will have a sharp lemon taste). However you can tone that down by replacing 100 ml of Lemon juice by water. ( so 200 ml of Freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with 100 ml of water)


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