Gordon Ramsay, 3 Michelin starred chef, blames small portions and speaks about future of Michelin starred food. Gordon Ramsay says the wife is the most important ingredient at the kitchen. Gordon Ramsay saying thanks to food bloggers. In this exclusive video, you will see very informal Gordon Ramsay talking about chef’s life, chef’s mistakes, culinary trends and much more. This footage was never been showed before. See how Ramsy speaks about culinary trends.

Yes, Gordon Ramsay 3 Michelin stars. Not one time. What is the secret? You will find the answer in this exclusive interview.

Also, chef Ramsay names his 5 all-time favorites restaurants.

Some quotes from this exclusive 3 Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay’s interview:

«We are such control freaks, that we overcomplicate things».


«I don’t think that the portions should be substantial, but in the meantime, we should be eating small portions. However, would rather have a more substantial portion and eat fewer courses. Instead of having a starter, main and dessert, I’d have a bigger starter, a bigger main and no dessert. I am not very good in small portions».


«We got rid of our snobbery. We made food simpler».


«The level of perfection is the level of simplicity. Very few chefs understand that. Do I? I am still learning. You should ask my customers. But I have to say, that my flagship restaurant today in the longest 3 Michelin star restaurant in the country. So yes, I understand that balance».


«I don’t watch myself on TV. So I am a real chef».


«Farm to table is something that every chef should be doing».


«In 22nd century we gonna eat fish with no bones, that has botox in its head»