Gourmet Teppanyaki in Benihana Fine Dining London
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Teppanyaki Cooking Show in Japanese Restaurant Benihana Chelsea London

Teppanyski Master Chef teppanyaki cooking show
-juggling, teppan frame, onion volcano,moving prawn, tamago catapillar, rice heart
Ordered Hibachi Steak and Prawn, this included appetizer, teppanyaki fried rice
add ordered sushi and japanese Asahi Beer

Benihana is not your typical Japanese restaurant. The original Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, Benihana has been perfecting its art for over 50 years, wowing guests worldwide with its unique tableside cookery, highly trained chefs, sensational food and innovative cocktails.

The menu showcases iconic Japanese Teppanyaki favourites like Hibachi steak, chicken and shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi.

The finest Teppanyaki restaurant London has ever seen – A fun, fast-paced feast for the senses, this is a truly memorable, immersive dining experience.

Teppanyaki: is a Japanese dish of meat, fish, or vegetables cooked on a large griddle usually built into the diner's table and this style of magic cooking.

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